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Jacks or Better Video Poker
If you are looking to begin enjoying the pleasure of gambling, the best thing to start with is to try something easy. Video poker is one of the most popular as well as easiest casino games. As there are a number of variations of the game such as Tens or Better Video Poker and Deuces Wild Video Poker, Jacks or Better Video Poker is one of the most liked one.

The game is easy because the computer will itself tell you which cards it recommends you to hold. Very much like the real poker, you are dealt five cards. The help enters in when you have to press the ‘deal’ button to start the deal. The cards which have the highest possibility of winning get highlighted on the computer. However, you can choose to discard or keep any or all of the five cards recommended by the computer.

After you have decided on which five cards you are going to stay with, you can press the ‘hold card’ button to select the cards and then press the ‘draw’ button. Now, the computer draws new cards and the combination that now can be seen on the computer screen shows how much you have won. One of the strongest tactics of Jacks or Better Video Poker is to hold the face cards. If ‘3’ of a type or better comes up at any value, you should definitely use it as your basis of selection.

While you are betting, you can do that with 1-5 coins. The highest payout is based on betting of five coins. As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to achieve hands that are higher than or equal to a pair of Jacks. At this level, the payouts start with greater combinations. The entry of wild cards increases the value of maximum payout, making it 4000 coins.

As Jacks or Better Video Poker is an easy game to play and if you are using the correct strategies, there are minimal chances to lose money, it is a great game for those who are beginning gamblers.

Although the game is easy, here are some strategies to play a game of Jacks or Better Video Poker:

  If you are playing on the right machine, the game will allow you playing at mostly
  even odds, therefore, it is important to check payouts for royal flush and full
  Always try to play maximum coins, so that you become eligible for bonus payout
  for royal flush. The one way you can beat the poker machine is hitting higher
  paying royal flush. If you do not play with maximum number of coins, you are
  funding other gamers for winning the jackpot.
  Keep playing the poker machine, until you get royal flush.
  Take time to study each hand and play every hand correctly without rushing and
  making mistakes. Obviously, the machine does not care about how long you are
  taking over every hand.
  You must break up lesser paying hands, in case you get 4 cards on royal flush.

If you go through these simple strategies while playing Jacks or Better Video Poker, you will definitely get the odds turn in your favour and you will have an increased chance to win. It is fun to play a video poker game, but ultimately, you will enjoy yourself more if you have an increased bankroll.