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Types of Slot Machines
Slot Machines are pretty popular and can be found in many casinos. Playing on slot machines in real casinos gives the player varieties of playing at different variation slot machines. These can be chosen depending on your budget and interest. Three types of slot machines in real casino are 3 reel, 5 reel and jackpot slot machines. The advantage of playing in real casinos is the increased winning chance if you are playing in progressive slots.

The progressive slot jackpots in a real casino are better and bigger than the one at the online casinos. The money value in these jackpot slots can go up 12 million which is nothing as compared with the 1.5 to 2 million dollars jackpot value in online casino that too for just a single jackpot.

Online slots machines also have many variations as compared to playing slot in the real casinos. Slot machines in online casinos are safer and secure and have better payout percentages when compared to real casinos. The payback provided in the online slot machines can go up to 99% but in real casinos you might just get 95% payback.

The various slot machines in online casinos are listed below:

  Free Slots- they are available on all online casinos more as a demo slot machine
  and for beginners who are playing for fun as they don't have to put in any money for
  playing and moreover this also applies if you win while playing and you won't get any
  money as you were just playing for fun.
  3 Reel and 5 Reel Single and Multi Payline Slots - 3 reel slot machines are the
  most common type of slots available at an online casino which are somewhat similar
  to the traditional 3 reel slot machines. They are very easy to play on and provides
  player with the option of single and multiple payline depending on the machine type.
  The 5 reel slot machines provide 15 paylines generally in online casinos with many
  other features which are not present in case of real casino. Other ones are the
  microgaming powered casinos which have high limit of coins per payline and the
  rewards are also bigger in this case and wining around 10 to 20 K is usual in
  microgaming casinos.
  Bonus Slots- the slot machines having bonus rounds are called bonus slot
  machines. They are basically 5 reel video slots which have secondary games with in
  the slot machine. It gives players the chances to multiply, triple and double your
  cash prize win.
  Progressive slots- progressive slots are popular because they have a higher
  payback percentage even more than the real casino slot machine. You have better
  chances of winning a huge jackpot in online casinos than playing the jackpot in real
  casinos. Playing on progressive slot machines requires high betting on the paylines of
  the machine and a lot of experience and at the end luck.
There might be many kinds of slot machines but they all are played in the same manner.