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Types of Casino Players
All of us are aware of the fact that different types of casino players and gamblers are a widely studied group of people. Whenever a new casino opens in any locality, an already known statistic is a mixture of tables and slots, along with buffets and cafes. Depending upon what the players like, what they spend and for how long they stay in a casino during their visit, casino players are divided into following categories:

System players: There is a large number of system players, most of which do not follow a consistent routine for application of their convictions. As the name suggests, a system player should have complete focus on constant patterns of the game, but usually they do not, because it is nearly impossible to maintain a consistent focus in a casino due to the distractions and interruptions there.

Professional players: The concept of professional casino players is purely mythical. There has been no noted professional player who has made his living by playing at a casino. Some professional people such as boxmen, dealers and other at management positions, but no player has made playing as his profession.

The Grinders: Grinders are casino players who over and over again make the same bet and do not increase their bet size, even if they are constantly winning. Eventually, they are left at the kindness of table odds and ultimately they are grinded down at a total loss. Grinders are not preferred by dealers, as they not take up space in the casino and are nearly always losers, unless some incredible streak shows up.

Recreational or Tourist players: These types of casino players generally play for entertainment and fun, rather than for winning amounts. Usually, such players have very little skills about the game and thus play in an extremely simple method. In addition to this, they often get caught up by the game's spirit and will not hesitate throwing large sums of money into the game.

The Degenerates: This kind of casino players have been attempting to win a casino game for years and have tried all the systems and methods to do so, but all for a naught.

The Fleas: Casino workers term those degenerate gamblers as fleas who normally do not have the ability to play casino games in the first place. Usually, they are dishevelled complainers who consistently lose and are always in the search for a complimentary handout. They usually hang around slot machines and tables for free drinks, in addition to the fact that they never tip the cocktail waitresses or the dealers.

The Loggers: Loggers are a rare breed which follows an academic approach towards the game. They tend to make notes on paper with a pen before making a bet of any kind. Evidently, doing this is a complete waste of time, because what happened in the past may have nothing to do with what will happen next.

The Strokers: Strokers are casino players who on purpose or not on purpose jerk the dealer around, often by late betting at the last minute and then wanting to change the bet.

Premium players: Premium players have a better understanding of casino games, they usually bet in huge amounts and have access to considerable bankrolls. These are the types of casino players that the management of casino wants, since they are the ones who give 'action' to their casino. It is in the advantage of the casino to keep these premium players coming back to their casino, so they benefit them by comps like free meals and hotel rooms.