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Slot Machines Basics: What Are They?
Initially, slot machines were designed as a means to keep the bored wives of high rolling gamblers occupied in casinos. The first person, a casino owner, who had come up with this idea probably did not have any idea about what was there in store for slot machines. They must not have known that these menial machines will eventually bring the revenue of millions of dollars every year.

The slot machines are a big business today and they appeal to folks from all the walks of life. Whether the person is a beginner or a seasoned gambler, every body finds slot machines invigorating. Enter any casino on any night and you will find almost all the slot machines filled and occupied by eager players.

Slot machines basics are really easy to understand and the game depends on luck for the most part. Traditional machines are coin-operated, having 3 or more reels. When a person pulls a lever on a side of the slot machine, the reels start to spin. The slot machines also include currency detectors which validate the coins or cash that we insert into the play. Typically, the machine pays off depending on the symbol patterns that are displayed on the machine front when the reels stop after spinning.

In current time, slot machines are one of the most popular gambling games, generating around 70% of revenue of a casino on an average.

People playing on casino slot machines buys their right for playing as they insert cash or coins into a slot of the machine. Then they activate the machine by using a button or a lever. As slot machines is nothing but a game of chance and luck, it does not involve any special skills on the part of the players. The game involves corresponding symbols on reels which spin and eventually stop to reveal the symbols, or on the video screen of the machine.

Usually, the symbols are easily recognizable bright-coloured images such as fruits, clubs, bells, spades, hearts or diamonds.

Some slot machines may also display a range of winning symbol combinations that the players have to match after the spin. If the player matches the combination as per the specified game rules, the slot machines will pay him or her some cash or an extra game. Almost all slot machines are quite similar, the one difference being their denomination. Some slot machines may allow a quarter while some may accept 5 dollars, depending on the gambler's intensity. An attraction in modern slot machines is the option of 'double or nothing', which allows the winners to double their earnings or loose them all.

While learning about slot machines basics, we must know that a good winning tactic for playing slot machines is to play for long duration on one machine. Though, there can be high initial losses, the winning sum will compensate for that. As gambling has now been legalised, there are more and more casinos coming up.

A slot attendant is a person who resets the slot machine after each jackpot, handles complaints from customers, ensures that people comply with the safety rules and also repairs the slot machine if required.