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The Roulette Basics For Beginners
James Bond likes o play one game which is his favorite and it is the roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and celebrities and Hollywood movies have only added to its popularity. It is one of the most sought after casino games in America. A table with a wheel having 37 to 38 pockets and a small ball is enough to establish that a game of roulette is in proceeding.

This small ball should land in one of the pockets in the wheel of the table. The table is surrounded by one to six players who are excited to play the game and try their luck with the spin dolly. Another person seen at a roulette table is the croupier or the dealer who is the representative of the house and has the responsibility of taking the wagers and paying the bets on the table. He is the only person who doesn't have any personal share on the game table.

The roulette basics tell that the beginners can bet small stakes up to 8 numbers on the table. But with the champions and seasoned players, the stakes are big and more risk is involved. The bets can be made till the time the dealer or the croupier allows it and once he signals to stop, the betting can't be done.

All payers are allowed to choose a number out of the 8 numbers and who so ever wins, gets a share of other's stake. The winner gets some chips which can be exchanged for cash at the cash counter. These chips are available in various denominations like $1, $2, $5, $25, $50 and $100.

The game has become popular because of the spinning wheel and when it slows the suspense on the table starts building up. As the spinning wheel slows down, the chances of dolly stopping on the accurate number increases which add to the value of stakes when the wheel slows down.

The bigger bets are done on the number including their color base. If the number and color base matches when the spinning wheel stops, the prize on that number is multiplied. By increasing the combination of numbers and colors also increases the chances of winning in a roulette game.

The adventurous part of playing roulette game is that there no strict rule of winning. Tricks and systems for optimizing the winning chances are not too successful in case of roulette games. It's a matter of luck more than anything clubbed with good experience. This is also the reason that few people stay away from this game but for others it's more like going for an adventure ride.

Roulette is a gentleman's game and people are expected to behave properly with etiquette while playing it. If you are winning a big stake in the game, you are not expected to shout with joy and over react on your win. If you are winning, you are really lucky on that day but if loosing, stop playing it because your luck is not with you in the game.