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Pai Gow Poker: Experience The Fusion Of Ancient Chinese Domino Game And American Poker
The pai gow poker is the fusion of the ancient Chinese domino game and the American poker. This game is played with a 52 decks of cards, which includes a joker or a wild card with the aim to accumulate the two best hands of cards higher than the banker's two hands. Pai gow poker is less intense and has a slow speed than other casino games and a meek buy in gets generally stretched.

Rules to play pai gow poker

The game starts with making a bet and at the same time every player gets seven cards. The players than assembles their cards into a two-card hand and a five-card hand and who will get the first set of cards is decided by an erratically generated number or by rolling a dice.

After organizing their hands on cards, the banker as well organizes their hands on cards following some fixed rules, called as the "house way". Then the players two card hand and five card hand is compared with the dealers two card hand and five card hand. If the player loses both the hands he loses the complete wage, and if the player loses one and wins one hand than the wage is a push and if the player wins both the hands than the player wins flat money, deducting 5% commission from it.

However, while arranging the hands the five card hand should always be higher than the two card hand, and in case if the two hand card is higher than five hand card in that case both the hands are considered "foul".

Some times, if any seat is left unfilled than the dealer will make a deal known as dragon hand, and the players could play both the positions rather than one. However, the players have to apply the rules of house way in arranging the dragon hand.

In the pai gow poker any player can be a financier or a banker inturn, nevertheless if the player banks 5% commission on the total win. In any case if the banker is the player, than also, the dealer has to bet an amount equivalent to the last bet the player has made at the time when dealer or the broker was banking.

If the dealer wants to be the banker then he must have ample money to pay off each and every ones winning bet which includes the dealer and other players as well. In addition the player should have played an earlier hand as well in opposition to the house banker to the bank.

Tactics to play pai gow poker

The most vital factor in pai gow poker is your odds amount as the higher the amount will be the better your odds will be. Odds in pai gow poker are the total amount how much one has bet. Another essential factor in this poker game is the technique or method in which the player organizes their cards. However, in pai gow poker the "house way" is the best and a very safe strategy.

One thing to remember in pai gow poker game is that this game is not played on real money.