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Online Gambling-The Billion Dollar Industry
Gambling has made many people rich and also has drained other out of their last penny. It was a game of high and mighty and was restricted to the Vegas style casino hotels. But with the coming of internet, the rules of the game have gone for a toss. Online casinos are the new gambling paradise which has made online gambling - the billion dollar industry.

Online gambling is has changed the way people used to gamble with its varieties of game and comforts. In online casinos, rules are bent according to you. The first online casino was started in August 1995 and now there are more than 2000 casinos operating via internet and providing a first class gambling experience.

Gambling in online casinos gives the gambler benefit of time and money. Online gambling is less expensive than the physical casinos which make them a hit among first time gamblers. Online casinos let the players hone their gambling skills according to their comfort. Playing in a real casino takes lot of guts as the place is abuzz with activities and decision needs to be done quickly. But in online casinos, a gambler is free to slower down the pace of the game and take decision at is own speed. He is not pressurized by the various players as is the case with playing in a real casino.

Like in a traditional casino, online casinos let the players experiment with various different games like Craps, Poker, Roulette and Slots. If you are a poker freak, laying poker in online casinos can be a great idea with various types like Texas Hold'em and Five Card stud. Want to gamble online, try out the crap tables, roulette tables, slot machines and keno machines.

People who don't want to loose too much of money and want to practice gambling skills, online gambling is a boon for them. With so many people gambling online for fun and money has made online gambling - the billion dollar industry.

The rules of online casinos and traditional casinos are many times same but they differ for different game providers. But be sure to go through the terms and condition of online casinos before entering in the gambling rooms.

The traditional gambling industry is being guarded by the laws of gambling but in case of online gambling, there are no laws as such to protect the players. There have been many cases of fraud in online gambling industry. Online gamblers should make sure that they are playing at a reputable site having a government license for gambling. There are many portals and websites which reviewed these online casino and gambling sites. These websites and portals can be used to verify the credibility of the online casinos. Before registering on any online gambling website, make sure to check the security and privacy facilities provided and online encryption certificates.

Online gambling has diluted all the geographical boundaries and many people across the globe can gamble right away seating in the comforts of your home. Online gambling has given a platform to those gamblers who had money problem which kept them away from real casinos.