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Some Myths about Blackjack
Online gaming is keeping many people buys through out the day, some play it as a hobby and some play it to earn some easy money. People looking for easy money end up playing online casino and online car games like blackjack. Online blackjack is a rage among card game lovers and many people are busy playing it.

This game is more about tricks and tips which are polished by playing blackjack regularly. But many players fall prey to the myths attached to the game of blackjack and loose money in the game.

Some Myths about Blackjack like Blackjack card counting is the sure shot method of earning some easy money. But this is half true and many players get it wrong. This is only possible when the players is playing thousands of hands over a long period of time and short term loss can have a long lasting affect.

Card counting in Blackjack is predictive according to many players but it's not true. It is more about probability and there is no chance that a player can be sure about the card coming from a deck. What at the most can happen is that all odds will come in your favor for a long period of time.

Many players think that main purpose of Blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21. The fact says that it is nothing but to beat a dealer's hand and it's advisable to stand depending on your own hand and dealer's up card.

Myth about Blackjack is that by hitting their own hand, player might win the game and what happens in the reality is that they loose. The basic trick of blackjack says that the player should stand with their hand which can help in winning the game.

A novice playing on the table can lead to bad games and this will affect your winning in long term. This is myth about blackjack which is prevalent in players but the reality says that it might be true that bad players can affect the game on the table but there have been cases where the table has won because of such players.

Taking insurance can save you from the losses of the game, it is the biggest myth about blackjack. Insurance is surely a bad bet in a game of blackjack and taking insurance while having blackjack will be loosing 13% pf profit earned in each blackjack they draw. To be at a break even point with insurance is only possible when you will guess the cards 1 out 3 times. Now, these odds won't favor a player in long term and he might loose the money.

Another myth about blackjack says that dealer is very hot or lady luck or in simple words when a player wins, the cards in the deck are in favor and when the cards are not in your favor you are loosing. But the fact is that dealer is just following the rules of the house and has nothing to do with the choices. It is the player who makes the choice, many times right and other times wrong.