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Online Gambling Laws In UK
Online gambling basically refers to playing casino games over the Internet. Though there are certain rules and regulations that are applied on the conduct of online casino gaming websites and players in many states, the relaxation that is enjoyed in UK helps it boasts itself to be haven for casino players.

Few years back a gambling bill passed in UK swept away many restrictions that have been posed on gambling. The bill issued permit to roulette tables and slot machines to be seen in betting shops and bingo halls. It also allowed casinos to operate 24hours a day. However, the law also gave a fear to the opponents that did certainly suggest an increase in their market competition.

The online gambling laws in UK also swiped away the restriction to have joined a casino 24 hours beforehand to start gambling at the casino. Apart from this, the law that restricted drinking alcohol at the casino table was also wiped away soon. Also the new rules that were agreed for the fruit machine prizes can also give you a jackpot of million-pound. These plans were opposed by few newspapers along with some important members from the Labour Party that included Lord Hattersley, its former deputy leader.

One of the most recent laws that have been passed on 31st August 2007, as regards to online gambling laws in UK made it possible for various betting companies to promote or advertise their gambling websites and casinos, first time in the history of online casinos. This made it easy to accept the gambling bets extended by the players to online casinos from anywhere in the world.

Many companies that have been known for gambling, bingo games and betting like the Gala Group and William Hill have now been extended the approval by online gambling laws in UK to promote themselves to attract more people into online gambling. Both companies have been granted their long-awaited virtual gambling casino and betting license.

Also, there were only these two companies out of a total of 300 online casino companies that have applied for the license. However, the license was not given to all the companies and even when the request for a license was entered into, there isn't any guarantee if the company will make it to the betting game market or not.

The bets have been initiated to be accepted instantly since the midnight of 31st August. Also, there was first time bonus that was offered to players by the casino gaming companies. The law overtook the American betting companies by storm as the law definitely poses a threat to their business.

In fact, the several complications that have been put by American legislation are now prompting American betting companies to switch over their casino businesses to the UK, because of the relaxed online gaming laws in UK. This has been imposed even more by American Betting and gambling Enforcement Act that prevented any American casino gaming website from making credit card transactions for any online dealings. This has lead many online casino companies to shut down their online businesses or websites of online casino games. As a result, these companies have now shifted their focus to Asia and European mainland.