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Land Vs. Online Casino
Right from the emergence of online casino games, the popularity and growth of online gaming industry has gained a new height at an extraordinary rate. As the continual growth of internet and its becoming global, it is possibly expected the profit this industry is getting now a days, does not show any sign of slowing down its popularity in the upcoming future.

In most of the cases, if we compare a land based casino to an online casino, we will find several advantageous reasons for its immediate popularity, growth and success. Below are the various points on which we can truly say that an online casino game has many benefits over a land based casino games.

Multilingual: Online casino games are generally offer the players multiple language support like Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and many other languages for their easy understanding if they do not understand English.

Currencies: online casinos normally accept numerous currencies so that players playing can use their own currency while playing online game at the same time unlike land based casinos.

Real money: Online enthusiast has to play with real money so they understand the value of their money and do not put themselves into wrong bet whereas; the players in land casino are encouraged to gamble more money because they play with the chips which do not display the exact value of their money.

Dress code: An online player does not need to follow a dress code. An enthusiast can play while wearing a business suit or a casual wear. Therefore an online player need not to worry for his social environment and this provides a greater sense of ease and comfort to the player.

Food and Drinks: land casinos mostly enforce the players certain rules for drinking and eating but an online player instead of worrying what to take and what not to take, cam concentrate fully on his game and in few cases, he can also play with the greasy fingers while pouring whisky into his glass without any restrictions.

Smoking: an online player can himself set the environmental conditions on his own whether the player is a chain smoker, a chronic smoker or a person who can not tolerate the smell of a cigarette.

Less expensive: the players do not need to spend extra penny on transport and all unlike in the land casino which may be located far from your place and you need to take transport costs into your account.

Player support: usually, there are better services offered by online casinos to the customers in the sense that they have the facility to talk on phone or can contact through other means. Land casinos generally do not give complete instruction on how to play the particular game to a novice.

Privacy and safety: online casinos provide more safety and privacy to a player than land based casinos in terms that there is no such film footage or photographs of players taken in online casinos. While playing online, the risk of getting robbed or being assaulted also decreases greatly.

The most important advantages online casinos give to the players are; they are less distracted, can play for free in a relaxed atmosphere and that too anywhere at anytime according to their convenience. Therefore, it can be easily understood the reasons behind the popularity and demand for an online casino games rather than a land based casino.