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Keno Rules and Odds
Keno is probably one of the easiest gambling games that exist today. It does not involve any keen understanding or skill. It is not complicated at all, Infact there is not much to remember or master. This game is almost like a variation of Lotto. A child should be able to play this game. The game is all about numbers, so if you know your numbers, this game is a piece of cake.

Keno is soon becoming a very popular game at the casinos. Walk into a casino and you will be able to spot the keno table easily since it will have a large crowd around it. This game undergoes variations from casino to casino but the basic rules remain the same. Speaking of rules, keno does not have a long list of rules that will take you couple of hours to learn; in under few seconds you will know how to play the game.

Keno is not just famous at casinos; it has become a great game to play at social gatherings. A lot of restaurants too have this game. Since the game is so popular, there is an online version of it and boy there are tons of people who busy themselves playing this game all day long.

Keno rules:-

Keno is played with tickets. Each ticket has the numbers 1 to 80 on them. The numbers on the tickets corresponds with the numbers on balls placed in a bowl on the keno table and from this bowl a random 20 balls are chosen.

You need to mark about 20 numbers on your ticket; you choose the number and mark it. You then have to decide how much you want to bet and how many games you desire to play, this should be indicated on the space provided on the ticket. After you have done this, present your ticket to the runner, and he will give you a computerized ticket in return. It is important to hand your ticket over to the runner because the payments of the winners depend on the numbers entered in to the computers.

For each game, random twenty numbers are selected and displayed on the keno boards, if the numbers match the numbers on your ticket, you win. Depending on how many match, your prize money is determined. If you have the winning numbers on your ticket be sure to take your ticket to the runner and receive your money.

Every casino offers the regular keno tickets as well as some special tickets; you have the freedom to buy whichever one you want.

I think Keno is a fun game to try out, it isn't complicated and it sure sounds like it is easy to get a win. So if you like trying out new games at casinos and like gambling, I reckon you try out Keno. It is all about the numbers, just choose your lucky numbers and cross your fingers, hopefully your numbers will appear on the Keno board and you will be a proud winner of a game or two.