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Types Of Bets In Keno
Keno is one of the easiest and a popular game which is played in both the online casinos and land based casinos. This is the brain child of Chinese immigrants in US in 1800 and is all about betting. The catch about playing keno is that the prize of the jackpot can be huge and it doesn't depend on the betting amount. If you have bet a single dollar, there is a chance that you might a jackpot of $10,000. It is a game of pure chance and luck and strategies have no work here.

Keno is about betting and there are different types of Keno bets including Straight Keno bets and Keno Way Bets which are the most basic and common bets. Different keno bets offers players with the flexibility of choosing the size of bet, small or large. It is the different formats of betting which makes this game popular an interesting among players.

In Straight Keno bets, the player has to pick individual keno numbers on which the bet will be played. Player also has to find out whether enough number placed is rolled or not. 15 numbers can be played in a single game in which 20 winning numbers are picked. The minimum amount in a straight keno bet is $1. Some online casinos allow betting one as many as 40 numbers.

Way Keno Bets are placed on many groups of number in a same game of keno. This is said to be as one of the most complex bets to make. The player has to choose the various combinations of the numbers from the chosen groups on which your keno bets can be places. After this calculation, the player has to calculate the number of keno bets that are placed depending on the fraction placed on the betting field's right. Moreover, the cost of the bet needs to be calculated by adding the numerators.

Playing way bets is fun as there is always a chance of winning something in every game unlike in straight bet where you might not win anything. But with the complex computations, it might become difficult in playing.

The other bets is split keno bet in which two or more than two keno games in same keno game. Two groups of numbers are chosen which are demarcated by using a line or circle. For instance a player made a bet of $2 in one group, and then total amount of bet is $4 including both the bets.

Combination keno bets as its name is a combination of many straight bets in one ticket but in different ways. Each likely combination will cost the player one stake of the betting unit. King keno bets are just a variation of Way Bets. The main difference between the both is that the player has to select one or more then one number as king numbers.

Keno is a game of betting, more knowledge a player has about keno bets, better chances he has of winning in online casinos. Playing online Keno is better than playing in land based casinos as the payout percentage is more and there are chances of winning a huge jackpot in online casinos.