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Craps Rules - How to Play Online Craps
Gambling has become a huge sport in the United States. Casinos are making huge money nowadays. The latest bit hit in the casinos today is Craps. This casino game is a dice game, and is a really exciting game. It is no surprise to walk into a casino and find a huge group of people at the craps table. The game uses two dice. Dice used in this game is made to a very high standard and is constantly checked to make sure no one has tampered with it. Infact most casinos change the dice every eight hours. Since the game or rather wins depend on what the dice shows, every protective measure regarding the dice is taken. Even the players are warned as to how to use the dice while playing the game.

Objective of the game:

This game is just like "Hazard", the English game. In this game bets are placed against the casino based on the number rolled by the dice or the number based on a series of rolls of the dice. Side bets are also allowed and happen very often at the craps table.

Some important rules:

  While rolling the dice, the player is allowed to hold the dice only in one hand.
  The dice must hit the wall of the opposite side of the table
  Should the dice fall off the table, it will be inspected before being placed back on
  the table.
  Every member on the table will get a turn to roll the dice or what they call
  A new game will always begin with a new shooter
  If you do not want to roll the dice, you can pass your turn; the dealer will give it
  to someone else.
  The game moves clockwise
  Many bets can be placed on the table.

How to play?

This game involves more than one player. It doesn’t necessarily have to be played only in a casino; you can play it at social gatherings.

There are two dice and each player takes a turn to roll the dice. The player rolling the dice is known as the “shooter”. The “come out roll” is the first roll of a new round. A come out roll is ended the minute 7,11,3, or 12 is rolled on the dice and another come out roll begins by the same shooter. When 2 or 3 is rolled, it is “craps” and 7 and 11 is “win” or “natural”. Any other number besides the mentioned are rolled, they are a “point”. If you do get a point, the shooter continues rolling the dice till that point or 7 is rolled again. If the point is rolled, the round ends and the same shooter begins another come-out roll. But if a 7 is rolled, it is known as a “seven-out”, the round ends and the next shooter will throw the dice. The game moves on like this. Every member at the table will get a chance at being the “Shooter”.