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What Are The Basics Of Blackjack?
While playing any online game it is very important for you to understand the basics of that particular game for a favorable result and for maximum enjoyment you get by playing these. In the game like blackjack, understanding basics is really important.

Premise of the Game:

It has the basic idea that you have to have a hand nearer to 21 aside the dealer without exceeding the value over 21. In this game you don’t have to bother about the hands of other players at the table because this is the game in which you have to directly deal with the dealer. Therefore, you won’t be facing any problem and will not be putting yourself into unnecessary discussion with the other players seating at the table. If you are new to the game, do not hesitate showing your cards to dealer itself or to other players if you have any questions in your mind regarding the hands of the cards.

Values of the cards:

The cards of the blackjack players are valued differently. The value of an Ace can count either for 1 or for 11. The value for the Ace card needs not to be specified by any of the player. The values of cards from 2 to 9 are designated. The cards of Jack, Queen and King, all are valued at 10. a hand containing Ace counted as 1 or 11 is known as ‘soft’ total without going over total 21. The value of the card always assumed to possess the best valued hand.

The deal of the Cards:

After the placement of all the bets, the dealer will now deal the cards to every player sitting at the table. He will pass the cards to the player sitting left so that both the player and dealer will get two cards each on their hand. The dealer will then flip one card among them and expose its value. The player card will be dealt face-up in the shoe game only, and the player is not allowed to touch those cards. For a beginner, shoe game is perfect because in that case he needs not to worry regarding handling his cards. Once the cards are distributed to the players, the game further proceeds around the table, starting from the left seat of the dealer. Then dealer will get indication individually from each of the player about the wishes of player to place the value. After every player finished his hand, then dealer will accordingly pay or collect the money of players’ bets.

How the dealer plays his hand:

The dealer should play his hand in a typical way, without having any choices around. For the dealer, two famous rule variations are made for the dealer only. The most common rule is when dealer stands for all 17s. in the case dealer continues taking the card unless the value becomes 17 or greater than that. Dealer ahs an Ace which always counted as eleven and gets add in the total count. Another rule is one when ‘dealer hits soft 17’. In this, the value of Ace become lower that is 5, 6, and 7 or may be 2 or 4 sometimes. At the time of application of this rule, the advantage of the player increases a bit more.

Whatever be the rule is, but dealer does not have any choices to make his hand and he also can not split the pairs but can simply hit till he makes the total 17 or ruined the game by exceeding the value of 21.