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Types of Bets in Texas Holdem
The beloved game among all poker game is Texas Holdem, for which most of the enthusiasts are hastening to get the rules to play this game nicely. It is very obvious that if a player doesn't understand any term used while playing this poker game may end to a loss. To hold the grip of this game, it is very important for a player to become familiar with the terms of Texas Holdem and understand all the types of betting done in this game before actually jumping in it.

Texas Holdem poker game has three major types in which they may have slight change in the type of betting and set of rules in each poker games. These three types are Fixed Limit Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Texas Holdem and No Limit Texas Holdem. All the three poker games need different style of betting.

Fixed Limit Texas Holdem- betting is done within a convinced monetary range. This has limited betting that may range from five to ten dollars only.

Pot Limit Texas Holdem- it also has limited form of betting; however the amount can not be predetermined in the game. The amount in the Pot Limit Texas Holdem has the limit which is equal to the amount present currently in that pot. The limit of the betting can only increase if the amount in the pot is increased.

No Limit Texas Holdem- there is nothing like limitation on the amount of betting in this game and betting amount is purely depend upon the wish of the player. This game is generally played by experienced players and who have higher bankrolls.

The terminologies used while betting in the Texas Holdem are:

Blind Bet: this type of betting is done before the card is even distributed to the players. The two players seated on the left side of the dealer usually made the blind bets.

Call: this term is referred at that time when the bet of one player matches to another player.

Check: while players in the game 'checks', they are not placing any bet. At the time of player checks, players do not place bet in that round. This situation occurs when there are no other bets made by any player in that particular round. The meaning of check is that a player is allowed to remain in the game even if he does not wish to place a bet.

Fold: at the time of fold, player has to quit the game at present and he can not continue betting in the same round but can continue playing in the next deal.

Raise: this term simply means that a player is betting more than the other player in the game.

All in: this means that players wish to bet everything they contain in their hand. Dealer button: it is a token which is used to decide for the current dealer for placing the blind bet. Dealer button is passed to subsequent player in a clockwise direction after every round.

Pre-Flop: in the first round of this game, dealer gives two cards to each player which is called as pocket cards.

River: in the last round, fifth communal card is placed on the poker table facing up in the round.

After getting familiar with all types of bets in Texas Holdem, a novice as well as an experienced player can properly bet the game and increase the chances of their winning.