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Baccarat introduction and rules guide
Many of you may not be familiar with Baccarat; it is a gambling game that can be spotted at casinos. This game uses a table similar to the one used for craps. It is a fairly simple game, so next time you happen to visit a casino, try your hand at it. Unlike other casino games Baccarat is not too popular with the masses. It is the movies that have brought it to life. If you are a James Bond fan, I’m sure you would have seen this game in one of the movies. I honestly don’t get why people do not play this game, it is surprisingly easy. I for one don’t have a good gambler mind but even I was good at it. It is truly one of the easiest casino games ever.

Baccarat involves two hands, one played by the banker and the other by the player. You get to bet on either hand. If you happen to bet on the hand that wins, you get even money pay off (1:1). There is another bet you can make called the “tie bet”. This bet gives you an 8:1 payoff. Like the name suggest when you take the tie bet and it’s a tie, you win. Ofcourse it is rare to get a tie, according to statistics, it happens once in every ten hands.

Each hand receives two cards; the hand closest to 9 is the winning hand. If required you can draw more cards according to the rules. All the high cards like tens, Jacks, Kings, Queens, have a “0” value. Ace has the value “1” while the rest of the cards from 2-9 have their same face value. To find out if the value of your hand adds up to 9 or close to 9, keep adding the value of the cards that you posses in your hand. In case your hand adds up to more than 10, then the first digit is done away with, for instance if your hand adds up to 16, then the first digit is ignored and hence the value of your hand is considered as 6.

If you get lucky and have a value of 9 with just your first two cards, your hand is called a “natural” and you win. Even if your two cards add up to 8, it is called a natural and you win unless the other hand playing also has a natural. If both hands playing have a natural, the higher natural wins (9 will beat the 8).

If nobody has a natural hand, after the dealing of the first two cards, the players draw cards. If the sum of the first two cards dealt is 6, 7, 8 or 9, a player cannot draw more cards, he or she has to “stand” and if they have values lower than 6, they have to draw at least one more card.

Now doesn’t this sound like an easy game to play? The bankers hand is a bit more complex but the whole game is based on who gets the closest to nine!